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Sales tax is a tax imposed by many states, levied at the point of sale, and collected by a business on behalf of the consumer.  The role of a business is merely to collect and remit this tax.  The tax is actually paid by the consumer, when a business fails to collect and/or remit, this can often lead to very serious sales tax issues. Sometimes the sales tax problem may be as a result that the owners do not know the business is subject to taxation by the state.

Minnesota Department of Revenue will send you a bill requesting that all the sales tax at once to avoid any levy actions. Business owners sometimes ignore the letter until Minnesota starts to either levy the business account or levy their merchant account.

Minnesota Department of Revenue have the power to close a business for not complying with Sales tax regulations. We will work with your business to establish compliance, develop a plan to stay compliant moving forward, and negotiate a plan with the state tax authorities to keep your business protected moving forward.

Contact us at no obligation to you so we can understand your specific tax situation and provide advice on the options available to you.  Your tax issue is handled with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.

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