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Resolving back tax debt issues with the IRS and Minnesota Revenue.

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Tax Representation before the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue resolving Sales Tax, payroll ,IRS Bank levy, back taxes and lots more.

Do you Owe the IRS …..?

Gain insight into your IRS or Minnesota tax situation with our tax analysis report. Once we have a picture of your specific tax situation, we will communicate with the IRS and / or Minnesota Department of Revenue on your behalf to achieve the best financial outcomes.

Are You a Year or More Behind in Filing Your Income Tax Returns?

We would request information from the IRS and prepare all missing returns to get you into compliance with IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Are You Being Audited by the IRS?

We defend your tax position during IRS or State tax audits. We prepare all documents requested by the taxing authority, attend all meetings, and handle correspondence on your behalf.

When Your Spouse Owes the IRS

Have you always relied on your spouse to prepare your tax returns?

Have you received a letter from the IRS about back taxes due that surprised you?

Were you aware of a windfall of income but your spouse didn’t tell you the correct amount?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, you may be able to get relief from the penalties and the taxes due by your spouse so that your credit is not ruined, and you can get on with your financial life. 

Are You Behind in Your Payroll Tax Filings or Payments with the IRS or Minnesota Department of Revenue?

You have a good business, but sometimes your cash flow gets a little low and the payroll tax deposit doesn’t get made on time.  Or maybe you just got busy and missed your quarterly payroll tax return filings.

Whatever the reason, you’re now behind in your payroll tax filings or payments or both to the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue.


Sales tax is a tax imposed by many states, levied at the point of sale, and collected by a business on behalf of the consumer.  The role of a business is merely to collect and remit this tax. 

The tax is actually paid by the consumer, when a business fails to collect and/or remit, this can often lead to very serious sales tax issues.

Sometimes the sales tax problem may be as a result that the owners do not know the business is subject to taxation by the state.

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Meet Joe

Hi, following my desire to help people out with their tax issues I started this company.

I earned a Master’s degree in Accounting with a specialization in Taxation from Golden Gate University. As a Certified Tax Representation Consultant,  I  consult with clients on how best respond to IRS collection notices and IRS audit letters. Further, I help businesses resolve payroll tax problems and employee/contractor tax issues.

As an IRS Enrolled Agent, I’m passionate about advocating for solutions that bring people financial relief and freedom. 

As a person of faith, I believe in truthfulness in all that I do, working for one audience (Jesus).

I am a member of the  American Society of Tax Problem Solvers and the Tax Rep Network.

I reside in Maple Grove, Minnesota with my family of 5. I love playing basketball and table tennis. I plays tables tennis at different clubs in the Twin cities Metro Area.

We work with a wide range of clients. Speaking to you will help us learn about your specific tax situation. Following an initial consultation session, we will gladly provide you with our fees tailored to your needs.

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be intimidating, which has caused individuals and businesses to put off taking immediate action. We will immediately begin to work with the IRS on your behalf, to ease levies and liens, once all required paperwork have been submitted.

Specific situations qualify for abatement of penalties and associated interest. We inform you of your rights and prepare an abatement penalty brief with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your behalf.

With proper representation, you should not experience levies, phone calls or any other severely enforced collection activities.

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