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9-point Plan to an Optimum Tax Relief

Updated: Aug 23

1. We will thoroughly discuss your tax situation with you. It is important that we obtain a thorough understanding of your tax situation. The personal interview will provide us with the background needed to develop the right strategy for solving your IRS problems.

2. An experienced tax resolution specialist will handle your case. Joe has a master’s degree in Taxation Accounting and he is an Enrolled Agent and a Tax Relief Expert. He has experience negotiating with the IRS and State.. He knows who to speak with at the IRS and State and what information they need to make a decision on your tax case.

3. We will prepare a Power of Attorney for you to sign. The Power of Attorney will put the IRS and State on notice that FishCoin Tax Solutions is representing you. It allows us to discuss only the specific tax years in question.

4. We will pull your master file of your accounts from the IRS and State. By reviewing this file, we will be able to accurately determine what the IRS and State thinks they know about your tax situation.

5. We will give you an easy-to-follow checklist of information you need to provide. Preparing complicated IRS and State forms is our business. You will provide us the information needed to complete the forms. We do all the financial analysis. FishCoin Tax Solution will make this process as easy as possible by sending you our easy-to-follow checklist.

6. We will determine the appropriate strategy for solving your IRS and State problems. Every taxpayer's situation is unique. With the information you provide, we will develop a strategy to get you the lowest possible settlement allowed by law. We will discuss this strategy with you before we discuss it with the IRS and State, to be sure we are in agreement.

7. We will prepare all forms required by the IRS and State to resolve your IRS and State tax problems. We will prepare all forms required by the IRS and State. All you have to do is review the forms and sign them. We will take care of the rest! We encourage you to ask questions if and when you have them to fully understand the resolution of your situation.

8. We will negotiate with the IRS and State to obtain the lowest possible settlement allowed by law. We handle all negotiations with the IRS and State in order to get you the best deal possible. We utilize the Professional Provider Line and negotiate with the division manager and IRS and State personnel authorized to make decisions. We negotiate line by line what you can afford.

9. We will thoroughly discuss all aspects of your settlement with you. We will explain all aspects of your settlement with you and will answer any and all questions you may have. FishCoin Tax solutions wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services.

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